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Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe Marjorie Wolfe
by Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe
Names of Some “Vunderlekh” Chinese-Kosher Meals

Dear Friends,

Now that we’re all stuck in the house—and cooking—I thought you might like to share the names of some “vunderlekh” Chinese-Kosher meals.  In 1963 and 1964, Ruth & Bob Grossman wrote books titled, “The Chinese-Kosher Cookbook” and “The Italian-Kosher Cookbook.”

Here are the names of some of their recipes.  Enjoy!

Egg Roll Hah Dah Sah

Fried Won Ton Reb Eh Tsin”

Bub Uh Luh Won Ton Soup

Chicken Mushroom Soup Yid Dih Sha Mah Mah
  (Note:  A Yid Dih Sha Mah Mah packs for her son, the astronaut, a thermos of hot chicken soup)

Tuh Mel Fried Rice With Mushrooms
  (Note:  TUH MEL is the family reunion to celebrate when Grandma got her “citizen’s papers.”)

Chicken Pipp Ick
  (Note:  PIPP IK is the first part of his anatomy a baby discovers.)

Pressed Tuna Alla Gantez Mishpokhe

Ravioli Galitziana

Omelet Alla Grand Concourse
  (Note:  GRAND CONCOURSE is the Jewish Appian Way.)

Qvelling Cod Filets
  (Note:  QVELLING is Mom’s pride when she finds out her new daughter-in-law is going to keep Kosher.)

Julius Caesar Salad Alla Gahtkus
  (Note:  GAHTKUS is what Julus Caesar’s mother made him wear under his toga on cold days.)

Schlimazel Stuffed Artichoke
  (Note:  SHLUMAZEL describes the fellow who when told, “Sorry. next elevator!” answers, “That’s the story of my life.”)

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Marjorie Wolfe
  Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe