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Marjorie is a retired business educator and free-lance writer who resides in Syosset, New York. Articles of hers have appeared in The New York Times, Smart Money Magazine, Playbill Magazine, Reunions Magazine, The National Business Employment Weekly, The Jewish Press, Long Island Jewish World,,  and many other publications.

The late Erma Bombeck said that all she knew about animal behavior she learned in Loehmann’s dressing room.  Marjorie learned her Yiddish from Leo Rosten, Uriel Weinreich, Fred Kogos, Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Arnold Fine, Jackie Mason, Jerry Stiller, Pakn Treger, the magazine of the National Yiddish Book Center, and her mother, Jeanette Gottlieb.

Marjorie has a wonderful sense of humor.

Ask her the meaning of “VD” (venereal disease) and she’ll reply, “Vo Den,” or “Volume Discount.” 

Her favorite quote—by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach:  “No chuppah, no shtuppa.”

Her favorite pasttime:  “oysesn” or “eating out.”

In l903, the Jewish Daily Forward reported that the word “oysesn” had entered the Yiddish language.  To dine out—not at a friend’s or relative’s house, but at an actual restaurant—had been unheard-of in the old country (and up until that point, even in the new). The Forward noted that this stylish habit was “spreading every day, especially in New York.”

Marjorie loves the Yiddish language.  She agrees 100% with David M. Bader that “Yiddish has no word for ‘golf’ but it has 273 different words to complain about lower back pain.”

Despite the fact that someone once told her, “Your latkes need work;  the children are mistaking them for dreidels,” her children and grandchildren call her a “balebosteh” (also spelled “bale-boste” or “balabusta”)—a capable homemaker.  She tends to agree with Bernard S. Raskas that “The real test of a good housewife is not what she serves on Thanksgiving Day, but how she handles leftover turkey.”

Marjorie, who is celebrating her “plentieth” birthday, uses “Oil of Oy Vey”—a facial lotion for Jewish women.  “S’iz mir gut!” (It’s great!)

Marjorie invites you to share her “frailechkeit” (happiness) with your friends and “mishpocheh.”  “Geb a kuk” (give a look) at her website.

Marjorie Wolfe
2020 Speaking Engagement Schedule

Zoom lecture
National Council of Jewish Women

Zoom lecture
Glen Cove Senior Center, “The 3 B’s: Brooklyn, (the) Bronx, and the Bungalows of Rockaway”

Zoom lecture
GRAND ADVENTURES Online Courses, Florida, “The 3 B’s”

Zoom lecture
Jericho Public Library, “The Humor of Jerry Stiller”

Zoom lecture
Temple Am Echad, Lynbrook “The Bintel Brief in 2020”

Zoom lecture
Great Neck Library, “3 B’s:  Brooklyn, (the) Bronx, and the Bungalows of Rockaway”

Zoom lecture
Temple Israel of Lawrence, “3 B’s:  Brooklyn, (the) Bronx, and the Bungalows of Rockaway”

NOTE:  Please check Back for additional dates.

Marjorie Wolfe
  Marjorie Gottlieb Wolfe